DALLE Art medium and quality issues

I noticed that if you pic a certain art medium it directly correlates with the “quality” of the picture and sometimes even the style although this is independent.

I am having troubles to express this issue without fear to sound insulting. I do believe there is no bad art. But not every drawing is art. Not every attempt to draw something is successful. And I think there is a lot of value in posting and showing an art journey, if its due to inspiring people to go on (since they are not alone) or getting valuable critique or seeing the own progress better, etc…
So please read this post with kindness being aware that it is an attempt to help to get more satisfying results from an program.

As far as I understand it, it depends on the training data, more beginner artists work with watercolor less with oil. So oil painting gets the better results overall than watercolor. I guess?

Here are examples of Watercolors how it can vary in style and details.

Albrecht Dürer Feldhase, 1502

Claude Monet, Woman with umbrella, 1875

I used the same prompt and only changed the art medium. And the quality varied wide.

Oil painting





Sometimes the quality even varies a lot between a prompt itself.

I think when someone uses DALL-E they rather expect and want something of good quality than some mediocre doodle.

In addition i noticed that a few people already start hiding/keeping good prompts to themselves. I think that is only natural and if you want to express yourself with DALL-Es help and make a “style” for yourself its well to do so. But i think its a bit early and sometimes a bit misdirected, if its about just getting a better quality or not fragmented parts.
At least in my opinion the “skill” in using DALL-E shouldn’t be in knowing a secret phrase, the beauty of DALL-E is its (theoretical) ease of use due to “understanding” natural language.

Even if DALL-E can do anything what has a certain charm, especially when exploring or getting inspiration; it might help to get the option to narrow down some key elements like the overall quality with something like additional Tags.
It could be useful to have an additional option where the content is in natural language, the style and art medium in a separate textboxes each, maybe with some presets. In combining them and mixing you might get easier the results you wish for.


  1. I believe a bit more consistence would also help to understand and work better (more reliable results) with DALL-E.
  2. It might be a better user experience if the default would be high quality, high detail stuff and you have to add a phrase if you’d like a more naive, simple, beginner like outputs.
  3. Tags for more consistent outputs.

I hope my posts were interesting or helpful! :smile:

My credits are used up. I am excited to be part of this early stages and curious to see how it develops!
I am very glad to have had the opportunity to experiment before beta with generous 50 generations per day.
Thank you!


It would be nice if there were a quality parameter on the control panel. Maybe a dropdown that had a range like:

  • children’s doodle
  • professional painting
  • realistic photo
  • etc