Dall-e: wrong text generated

Hi. I have gpt plus, and i am having some problems with dall-e. From a given image, I have asked it to generate another image for a card game, with the following prompt:

Can you modify this image and make it look like a card from a card game? The structure should be a frame in the top of the card with this image, on the top left corner the number of the card, 3B, and at the bottom, a list of attributes of values:
“engine_size”: 2.733,
“cylinders”: 6,
“bhp_power”: 383,
“rpm”: 4719,
“weight”: 1819

The image that has generated has more or less what i wanted, but the text and values are incorrect, and also has not used the original image i have sent to it! how can i make it generate the card i want?