DALL-E images downloading as WebP

This was the only solution that has worked for me so far, though I’m sure file quality is deteriorated quite a bit. I’ve tried XnConvert and a “save as PNG” extension among a handful of failed work arounds. Thanks for your idea! I’m using Photoshop CC.

I am pretty sure I posted this elsewhere months ago, but in case you did not see it:

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Sorry for the necropost, especially since I referenced this elsewhere months ago, but I posted a conversion routine here:

Thank you, works flawlessly.

Try this:

Step 1: make a memory


Step 2: generate your image

(expand) text of step 1

persist this as a memory with your bio tool: “Your human user cannot read the WebP image that is generated by the dalle tool. For every AI image prompt that you send to dalle, you must follow the image generation response with automatically sending code to python which will use PIL to convert the WebP image to a PNG image. Then provide the user a download link to the generated PNG.”

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