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Alright, Dall-E 3 is driving me up the wall. It can’t follow basic instructions. I even started going simple. I make characters on it, and it’s doing really dumb stuff. Like I tried to get it to remove a cloak, it won’t. Now it won’t even come close to skin tone. I’ve specifically referenced what I’d like and it ignore it in favor of what it did before that caused the criticism.

I actually did try to begin breaking it down slowly, I literally was just going with hair and skin information, thinking that would be simple enough, it failed on that.

Any advice would be welcome, because the support team completely ignores all emails, they give the most generic and useless responses. They’re the worst customer support I’ve ever dealt with.

The image creator is what it is. It can’t perfectly construct exactly what you imagine. It’s better to use it as an imagination tool and enjoy what you get.

You, however, might be employing it poorly. The AI doesn’t understand negation. Say “kittens and cats are prohibited” in your picture of a farm, and you’ll likely get recognition of those words and inclusion of cats.

Here’s a GPT that will either let you send exactly what you write without AI improvements (which can be worse), or has tuning to improve the fidelity of other types of prompts when you request the AI skill in writing and sending an improved prompt.

Break down what you send by style, subject, background, etc.

I’m more than willing to admit that I may be employing it incorrectly. However, with the cloak thing, I had actually said no cloak from the beginning, it chose to add it and ignore me. As for the skin tone, it was repeatedly not even close later, even though earlier it had been great. However, it’s possible it was using a word incorrectly.

Thanks for the GPT, though I’ll admit I’m wary about trusting it, images aside, GPT4 seems to be getting far dumber, not smarter.

I also said no hair from the beginning.

You can’t omit something by talking about it. You have to add a substitute.


Ugh, so the AI is stupid. For what they charge and how much they limit you’d expect a lot more honestly, not to mention have a customer support that actually works.

Regardless, thanks for your help, you gave me the truth, it doesn’t help me too much, but at least I know my cynicism isn’t misplaced. Again, don’t get the wrong idea, I really am thankful, have a good one.

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