D&D inspired game with ChatGPT! Gain xp, level up, generates items & quests, event memory, relationship memory, multiplayer & more

Welcome to try out Arcaneland!

Been working on this project for quite some time, it’s super interesting and very fun to use these new AI technologies and try to push the limits of whats been done before!

In contrast to similar old versions of “AI Dungeon” projects, we’re trying to build a whole UI of systems around it. Like items, quests and rolling.

You can also add your own API key and pay us nothing, please give it a try and let me know what you think!


Hello. I’m the Executive Director of “Dormir Não Dá XP”, currently the biggest RPG community in Brazil. I would like to know more about this bot, is it possible for us to talk? My Discord is yokai9110