Customer Support Chatbot how to create train data and how to use the fine tune model via playgroud

Do we need to pass summary as well as specific information for each question while using this model ??
Please guide

Created a fine tune model specific to my use case my training data prompt looks like

{“prompt”:“Summary:Customer is asking about marketing campaign and available campaign channels in the marketing CRM\n\nSpecific information:This question is related to channels module in Marketing CRM Tool\n\n###\n\nCustomer: What kind of messages are used in marketing? Is it possible to send content on the channel of the contact’s choice?\n\nAnswer\n\n”,“completion”:" - By default, Marketing tool provides marketing messages to allow users to send content over preferred channel for each contact. Channel preference is available for each contact in detail view. ENDEND"}

Is it okay also using ENDEND as stop sequence

Only asking question not generating the desire results

Your example training data shows a desire to provide a Q&A or FAQ experience. If so, you might want to use embeddings instead of a fine tune model. Have you considered that approach?


Didn’t get can you please provide more details