Custom GPTs - Is it possible to pass DALL-E URLs with Actions?

I’m trying to generate an image with DALL-E and send it with a custom action.

It seems like this is the response the Custom GPT gets from DALL-E:

DALL-E generation metadata: {"gen_id": "OK6Txy6T0ASwRTXX", "prompt": "[prompt here]", "seed": 280048812}

And then the Chat displays the gen_id, and then the wrapper creates a signed URL that lets me see the image. As a result, the Chat doesn’t have access to the signed URL.

I tried sending the image data directly with an action, but due to the size, ChatGPT runs into a JSON decoding error.

Has anyone figured out any workarounds?


Have you had any luck with this?

This behavior also seems to be the case with user uploaded images in chat. The uploaded images also have URLs that are not fully-accessible to the GPT and as such aren’t available to an action.

I ran into the same issue, the only way I see to solve it is to instruct the user to copy and paste the URL of the image, and then it can be used in actions.

I’m sure in the future OpenAI will let us do this the right way.

Please, consider adding a link to the generated image in the metadata. This would be very helpful. Thank you.