Custom GPT Prompts Can Be Recovered Publicly

Congrats to the OpenAI team for the latest releases, the new features are very exciting. I want to bring some attention to a potential problem regards the plan to create a market for Custom GPTs. After trying it out, I found out that I’m able to recover the full user provided prompt verbatim just by asking. As you might imagine, this allows people to copy prompts and clone GPTs bypassing the need to pay. Haven’t been able to upload files for the Custom GPT because the button isn’t responsive but I bet that the Custom GPTs can share all details verbatim from uploaded files too.

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These are just placeholder apps (GPTs) to fill space. Obviously nobody needs a “laundry buddy” GPT.

Yeah same here. I’ve tested out making my own GPT’s and adding counter measures for prompt echoing, but at the same time it’s just limited to my knowledge. Don’t really understand when they release the store and how it’s going to work with that.

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He even said that they were made over the weekend.

I don’t see why this post should be easily be misconstrued, but the point is that the behavior of the Custom GPTs suggest that they can be cloned privately, which defeats the purpose of the store. The screenshot is just a demonstration.

And there are actually many ways a laundry buddy can be helpful, although I wouldn’t argue about it.

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Has the problem been solved in the latest version of GPTs store?