Custom GPT I created is suppose to write 1000 words but keeps writing less and less

So I’ve been writing a custom gpt to offer copywriting services to my users. But in one issue I’m finding I’m requesting it to write me a 1000 word article about gardening in oklahoma for example. Now I even had the AI improve my prompt. and it gave me better detailed prompts to use but each and every time I test it. I keep getting articles that are less and less words? I let the AI that my testing providing wrong answers.

Now when it gives me the article content for example it says 497 words is the word count. Now yes but then it says “you can make the content longer if you add this tip or that tip or advice on this or that”. But I’m asking the AI “well why can’t it just give me 1000 words to begin with?”

The AI then gives me info about how it’s updating the Custom GPT to make sure it gives the user 1000 words etc. but every test proves wrong word counts. Why is that?

I would like to understand why it doesn’t give me or the user a 1000-word article for example when we ask for a 1000-word article. Is there a reason why the AI won’t give us 1000 words?

Here’s my origianl Prompt: I’m offering 1000 word article to my client who has a gardening niche. They want me to write an article about gardening during the seasons. And want me to add some tips about what to look out for during the different seasons when I’m gardening. They are service called Acme Gardening Services in Oklahoma and they have been in business for 20 years. So please mention that in the article. Please search the web to find content about gardening in the different seasons and help me write this article please. Please provide sources and please write the article for me. Make it in a professional tone but also easy to understand for beginners to understand.

AI suggested this prompt instead: Please write a detailed, 1000-word article for a client in the gardening niche. The article should focus on gardening through the seasons, offering tips for each season. Include specific advice on what gardeners should be aware of during spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The client is Acme Gardening Services in Oklahoma, a business with 20 years of experience – please mention this in the article. The tone should be professional yet accessible for beginners. Ensure the content is unique by researching gardening tips for different seasons. Include credible sources for the information provided.

Because OpenAI doesn’t want to pay for computation or doesn’t have it. The AI models are trained now for making very short outputs.

I gave a bunch of normal prompting of extension and got 640-750 tokens on gpt-3.5 even, when OpenAI putting in training or even a supervisor to emit markdown triple-hyphens to stop the output. Really weaselly.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I guess requesting smaller patches of content for my blog is the way to go at this point. And I guess the AI tools for long-form writing are what separates Openai from them. For example, has a cool writer you give it one line and it spits back an entire article with links pictures, and videos included in the article. I was trying to create a custom gpt to do that. But it probably won’t happen here. Maybe in the far future LOL.


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Yes, sounds good thanks bud for checking in on me.

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