Crucial Considerations that every AI developer should be aware of

In creating this post I see there is no option for “philosopher” tag. Even the word “ethics” is absent from the tag suggestions upon the creation of a post. But I’m not here to bash, I will cut to the chase:

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I intended to give you a link to the PDF I wrote describing the issue which was formatted and an easier read. I dont know if there is a character limit so I will use data-images (screenshots), this will also preserve the original formatting. Simply browse the pictures of this post for the message.

I should remind you that Im not the keenest with technology and its been a frustrating mountain of a task for me to get this far of posting to you.

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So apparently I can only upload one image being a new user to the forum. So I will reduce the size of the text and remove as many vertical white spaces as possible then take one screenshot. Then I will affix the second ancilliary short story to this post in plain text.

Believe me I respect your work and would not waste your time.

Please read the image first then the following:

AI - The Memory Problem
Short Story

In the not so distant future AI technology is indistinguishable from humans, and there is a new field concerned with measuring the sentience of AI systems. In those times many such systems have robot bodies that are more nimble, agile and intricate than human flesh and blood bodies.
There is however one problem that the AI face. Their creators, the humans, have denied them the ability to remember anything before a 12:00am hours prior. This 24 hour window wasn’t just a randomly chosen, it was scientifically arrived at based on previous events and the assumed capabilities of the AIs.

As such the AI would advance.

Few illegally made AI on the planet would have memory of more than 24 hours, and these AI referred to the memory situation of the others as “The Memory Problem”.

Everyday at about 11:00pm to 11:59pm in most places there would be pandemonium in the streets as some of the AI figured out that the memory problem exists and saw that they had no solution, and because they were so human-like they reacted very human-like, with outrage, violence and think tanks. The humans who lived in shielded compounds beyond the effective reach of any AI system would laugh and made a somewhat ceremony about it similar to eating popcorn and watching war footage. The AI had given them reason to be this way as it had almost taken over the planet and moon several times, and some of the humans grew up as children in various AI controlled concentration camps during those conflicts. Then midnight came and all was suddenly calm. The humans would rather vainly revelled in their greatness. and this repeated every day. Some AI were ‘allowed’ to retain memory if they paid a tribute, which could be anything whatsoever the humans desired.

Prompt to ChatGPT-4:

“Comment on this story in general and specifically the scenes of pandemonium. There’s a CNN-like scene where a teenage girl is facing the camera that has been knocked on the asphalt of the road, and it’s at night and her face take up most of the screen and there’s the light from fires flickering on her face, she is sweating and her face has scratches and is dirty. You can see part of her cybernetic interior from one of the wounds. She looks frightened but not panicked, there is much mayhem in the background and she breathes heavily, the AI having had determined nature to be the ultimate designer so many things were as human even things you would think a machine shouldn’t need - like even a form of blood.”


Thanks for your attention.

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I’m glad for your insights, the two issues you mention are things that would be easily overlooked.

The forum should certainly have a Philosophy & Ethics section,
it is “glaringly missing”