Cross-talk between ChatGPT and Copilot?

Just had a weird experience-

I asked ChatGPT a coding question and used “world time updater” as an example.
Maybe 15 minutes later I’m in VSCode, and Copilot suggests something about UpdateWorldTimeSystem.

Its not the case, that it was simply a sensible completion for my current task (eg, researching world time, so of course it’d suggest UpdateWorldTimeSystem)

So I’m wonderingg if there was recently an update behind the scenes that supplies our code-related ChatGPT activity as context to Copilot? Or maybe a lucky coincidence.

Copilot is based on the code-davinci-002 model.

ChatGPT (according to online sources) has access to the code-davinci-002 model as well as primary text models, like text-davinci-003.

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An excellent question, and now I am wondering the same thing. I’ll see what answers I can dig up after some research.