API with gpt-4o remembers previous conversations

I made a small app in Flask that is just a custom made assistant using the API in python.

While using gpt-3.5-turbo-16k everything was fine… each user could ask for assistance on their own project and every new session was a totally new conversation.

When I changed to gpt-4o the assistant started remembering the conversation from one session to another and between different browsers and computers. This is a very risky behavior that can potentially disclose sensitive personal information.

I’m not an expert in coding, but according to Flask and some research I made in the topic, no information should pass between Flask sessions except for the “Global” variables…

If I go back to gpt-3.5 it works as intended again…

Is this normal with the OpenAI api and gpt-4o ?

Hm. Maybe the reason for it is that some varibles are different than it was in 3.5 and some things like the convosation list are being carried over. Thats actually really interesting though as that’s kinda giving AI the ability to remember. I think its due to Convo list being carried over from convos.