Creating call from Bubble to upload file to assistant

I am struggling in uploading a file from Bubble to Assistant. I would appreciate in assistance in setting up the call. Thanks!

Hi. I assume you have solved this by now but here is a screen shot of the API setup in

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Hi @tristanjw. I have my API configured exactly like this (see below) but am getting an “Issue Getting File For Call” error from OpenAI that I can’t find any documentation on to help me figure out how to resolve.

The API initialised OK, but there is something in the way I am using it in my workflow that is incorrect.


Are you able to share how you have your workflow configured to get it to work correctly?

Hi Mike. Are you saying that in the Bubble Plugin section where you have your API configured, that you have initialized it and it went through without error?

In that case, the issue is most likely in the method that you are using to get your file to the Bubble API parameters. I get my file from the file uploader. So a user clicks a paperclip icon which triggers the file uploader (on top of the paperclip). Then I use it as below: