Creating a short story

I used GPt-3 to produce a short story. It was an extremely fun process. here is the story below it took less than 5 mins

It was a dark and raining night, and the old kopje was grim and sullen.

The rain came down in torrents, and the wind howled about the heights.

“I do believe,” said the captain, “that it is going to be a bad night.”

The loud thunder shook the earth as lightning lit up the night sky.

We all looked out in the distance and saw the scariest of sights.

It was a long black dragon with wings of fire, flying towards the old kopje.

“Make ready the cannons!” shouted the captain.

The dragon flew in low, just above the treetops, but the cannons missed their mark.

The dragon flew up and circled around, and then approached the kopje again.

This time he flew high and then dove towards the kopje.

The cannons fired again and this time they hit the mark.

The dragon spiraled down and crashed into the stone wall of the kopje.

Everyone cheered as they saw the dragon was dead.

The captain walked to the dragon and pulled out his sword.

The dragon opened its eyes and breathed fire and smoke and the captain leapt out of the way.

The dragon then smashed through the stone wall and ran into the night.

Thinking it was over we all deeply sighed, but to our surprise the dragon returned!!!

This time with a family of monsters, each scarier than the rest.

We all fired the cannons as fast as we could as the monsters approached.

But as soon as we fired the cannons one of the monsters would fly up and the cannonball would hit the other monsters.

But as we fired the cannons they soon ran out of ammunition and we were left defenseless

At this moment we knew it was all over and there was nothing left we could do as the monsters descended upon us We knew this was the end as we all closed our eyes and said good bye to our lives.

But as the monsters approached we heard a loud screeching sound and saw a large bird swooping down from the sky.

The bird was a giant eagle and it swooped down and carried the monsters away.

The eagle flew at speeds we have never seen, with wings as long as the eye could see. The eagle sored into the dark sky and flung the monsters off into the seas, never to be seen again.

Everyone cheered and the captain said, “We must build that eagle a statue!”

So that is why to this day that eagle stands tall on the top of the old kopje.

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