Creating a database and having Codex create a CSV


Very curious to see if this is possible.

I am trying to see if Codex can create a database of something and then produce a CSV. I have tried this a few different way in the playground.


“create a database of 10 of the best restaurants in portland and then generate an CSV that contains the data”

However, it seems to time out.

I am attempting to learn how to do this through API and I am getting closer (learning python in the process). I am wondering if Codex is capable of producing a CSV though.

Has anyone done this before?


why don’t you just create the data as a csv? you don’t even need codex for that

I am not sure what you mean nunodonato?

It may seem like a simple task but my question is to see if codex is able to export data into CSV files or other files. I could think of a lot of different real world applications for this.

Maybe you need to explain better what you want to do.
This is what I get with a simple prompt

I found the solution. Codex can create a spreadsheet using pipe delimited CSV formatting. I was just thinking about this totally wrong. Codex can only return text for now.

Would you mind sharing how you did this please? Thanks.