Best way to create shell scripting app

Hi im new to OpenAI Codex and was wondering if someone could help with syntax examples to generate a app capable of bash shell and/or python scripting.I have a basic gist of it but any help is gratefully received

Like this one: Codex Plugin for Zsh

The challenge is scripting, it is about the story u tell CODEX and it builds on top of that.
The app I would use python because is easier to run anywhere and and it just spits out the text file, so dont really matter.

I assume you also want to make a script to list the functions first, them another one to convert that list into commands.
I would do it on the playground until I get something stable one part at the time. Them u just export your script.

Look this dummy example, I told I wanted a bash file and ordered what I wanted.
A cool trick is that you can self-evaluate and apply simple tricks to make it iterate until it has a reliable result.

#Bash file
Provide examples of bash files to install features related to audio


#Package installation

sudo apt-get install -y libav-tools

#Creates an alias

alias "play-audio"="avplay"

#Creates a function that plays audio

function play-audio()



#Make the function available

function play-audio



hi thanks for the help. the plugin was interesting but what i have in mind is an app to generate complete scripts from subject input I.E APP: input create a script tocreate/delete/backup database APP : outputs script if that makes sense

Do you want something like this? GitHub - tom-doerr/vim_codex