Create motion from the story into images - this would be something really spectacular for users

I just created an image with the Hot Mods tool, starting from some keywords.

I gave him another prompt:

“The same image, I want you to turn it into a video of about 20 seconds, like a moving cartoon. The alchemist turns to his desk, picks up one of the bottles, looks at it with a smile, and puts it back.”

it looks like ChatGPT can’t go any further. It should be able to create animation, starting from a certain image. People would be much more motivated to write stories, as interesting as possible, if ChatGPT could animate things from an image according to my instructions. I get the message:

Hot Mods: “Sorry, but I currently do not have the ability to create or convert images into videos or anima. My function is limited to generating static images and text responses. If there’s anything else related to stills or other questions I can answer, I’m happy to help.”