Create mask image from existing image with an outlined area

I can load and describe what’s in an image.
If there is an area of particular interest in the image I can use an image editor and draw an outline around that area of interest and prompt “tell me what’s in the highlighted area”.
Is there a way to tell openAI to create a mask image by prompting openAI to delete the highlighted area to use as a mask?

What you describe is not possible at this time.

It is good to understand individual scopes of imagery functions and features they furnish — and how the two do not meet or combine to provide any aspect of image revision or alteration.


Uses computer vision to identify and describe imagery.


DALL-E 3 turns words into visions, generating scenes that favor a computer-rendered appearance.

DALL-E 2 via images API

EDITS endpoint:

Allows for transparent areas and (almost completely ignored) prompting, where imagery can be filled by AI where missing. Strictly square images @ 1024px.

(no sunbathing woman created per prompt…just infill and outfill)

Useful here for just fixing my deleted third chair…

Thank you for the response.

I am performing the describe and mask functions successfully. I was trying to see if I could combine the functions. That is, instead of deleting part of the image to create a mask image, just create an outline and tell AI that the inside of the outline is the mask.

Just a way to save an editing step and only having to pass one image in the post.


1024x1024 ok. What image formats are ok ? .jpg .png .bmp .gif ?

Not possible at this time …

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