Create Assistant Sidebar UI Bug

When creating a new assistant using the “Assistant” tab, the right side window will open:

If you expand the “Instructions” section and add some content. If you use your mouse/cursor to selected the text and you cursor goes outside the sidebar window, it will close the create window completely and you will lose whatever you have typed.

The sidebar window (drawer) is not persistent and closes when clicked outside of it (anywhere on the backdrop), which is easy to do by accident.
This will also occur if you completely fill out all the inputs for the assistant then accidentally click outside of the sidebar.

Ensure the sidebar window persists and only closes when “cancel” or “save” is clicked.

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Also, when you press save, it recognizes your click multiple times and creates multiple assistants.

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Thanks for reporting! We’ve fixed the issue with the assistant sidebar closing when you click outside of the sidebar window.


Hi! Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m having a hard time reproducing this since the save button is disabled when a save is in progress. Can you give me some steps to reproduce?

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