Cost of finetuning ChatGPT4o

I would like to know if fine-tuning ChatGPT4o is possible, and what the cost of doing so would be. Based on the web, the information on costs only reflects gpt-3.5-turbo, davinci-002, and babbage-002.

In addition, supposed I have spent significant resources in creating a fine-tuned model, would OpenAI suddenly announce model deprecations, which means my finetuned model based on that legacy model would suddenly not function any more?


Fine-tuning of gpt-4o is currently not supported/available and there is no information indicating when it will be.

As regards fine-tuned model deprecation, you can find additional details here. Generally, it seems to be the case that fine-tuned models remain accessible - at least for a certain amount of time - even after a model has been deprecated.

Fine-tuned models created from these base models are not effected by this deprecation, but you will no longer be able to create new fine-tuned versions with these models.