Continuous HTTP 504 errors (Proxy timeout)

I am developing an app but it is becoming impossible due to the frequent proxy timeout errors (504). May app tends to recover but it takes ages, which is really bad when you’re in a development cycle. It also bodes badly for when this app
is used by others. The development cycle still uses short files and I am having not many instructions yet. And if it would be rate limited, one would expect to get a message? (I had those some time ago with some experiments.)

The OpenAI status page showed red recently an initially after it became green again it seemed to improve but today is horrible again and the status page is still green :frowning: This has been going for ± 2 weeks.

I am on MacOS, plenty of RAM, I do not timeout the request on my side, I’ve got 2Gb/s fibre installed, 2Tb drive space, etc. My code is special, self developed Java, library but I am intricately familiar with networking.

I do poll the message thread for messages, the run for steps, and the run for the function calls. (API is kind of inefficient, why are the function calls not signalled via a step? the run object is quite large to always have to ship?)