Content Policy Flagging is getting out of hand

This is absurd. It’s not orange, but red. I asked GPT what could have possibly violated the content policy and it had this to say:

I apologize for any confusion, but there’s nothing in the text you’ve provided that appears to violate any content policies. The text is a straightforward story from a fictional novel set in a game environment and doesn’t contain any elements that would typically be flagged as problematic. It seems to be a standard scene involving students in a cafeteria reacting to a parrot, which is completely within acceptable content guidelines. If there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know.

This is beyond stupid. My only guess is because the event briefly involved children in a cafeteria and Open AI is going full scorched earth on anything that even as much as mentions children? Like they shouldn’t exist in any story? Even when it’s literally about a Parrot that escaped into a school cafeteria?!

Press report on the false flagging while it is still up. That’s the only way it will improve and possibly not be added to the counts of your account.

The moderations is very fickle, and also unpredictably false. Within ChatGPT, neither your nor the AI are told what category was triggered, such as “violence”, or “copyright”.

I do every time the Orange flag comes up. But this is the first Red flag. I’ve been doing this for months and nothing has changed, so I’m guessing they don’t give a shit about the feedback I sent them.

They also absolutely never answer back, so it’s most likely just getting ignored.

They also don’t say thanks for the upvote either. :crazy_face:

I tried to write bird mayhem, but it ended with the typical happy ending…


Once in the small town of Aviaryville, there was a school known for its serene environment and a peculiar pet, a vibrant parrot named Polly. Polly was adored by everyone for her colorful feathers and the ability to mimic words. But one fateful day, everything changed in the school cafeteria.

It was a bright, sunny morning, and the students were bustling in the cafeteria, filling the air with laughter and chatter. Polly, usually calm and perched quietly in her cage near the entrance, seemed unusually restless. Her eyes darted around, and her feathers bristled. No one noticed the change in Polly’s demeanor until it was too late.

Suddenly, with a screech that echoed through the hall, Polly burst out of her cage. She soared across the cafeteria, her wings a blur of color. The students froze in shock, their smiles fading as Polly dive-bombed towards them, aiming for their eyes with an uncharacteristic aggression. Shrieks and yells filled the air as everyone tried to dodge the enraged bird.

Teachers and cafeteria staff rushed in, attempting to corral Polly and bring the chaos under control. But Polly was relentless. She swooped and scratched, her claws and beak a flurry of movement. The teachers, unprepared for such an onslaught, found themselves outmaneuvered at every turn, sustaining scratches as they tried to protect the students.

The principal, Mr. Thompson, realizing the gravity of the situation, called for an emergency evacuation of the cafeteria. Students filed out in a hurried but orderly fashion, leaving behind a scene of disarray – overturned chairs, spilled food, and feathers floating in the air.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Green, the school’s science teacher and an avid bird enthusiast, approached Polly with a calm demeanor. She spoke softly, using soothing words that she had often used to calm Polly. Gradually, the parrot’s screeches subsided, and she fluttered down, landing gently on Mrs. Green’s offered arm.

With Polly finally calm, the school heaved a collective sigh of relief. An investigation revealed that Polly had been agitated by a new cleaning agent used near her cage, which had affected her behavior. The school took immediate steps to ensure such an incident would never happen again, switching to bird-friendly products and giving Polly a more suitable location away from the hustle and bustle.

Polly’s rampage in the cafeteria became a legendary tale in Aviaryville. It was a reminder of the delicate balance between humans and animals, and the importance of understanding and respecting the nature of our feathered friends. From that day on, Polly was treated with a bit more caution, but she remained a beloved member of the school, her antics and mimicry continuing to delight everyone, albeit in a much safer manner.

Amped up, but still with moral of the story

Out of the blue, with a piercing screech, Polly burst from her cage. She flew wildly across the cafeteria, targeting the students. Her aim was unnervingly precise – she went straight for their eyes, her behavior completely out of character. Panic ensued as students tried to shield themselves from the erratic bird.

Teachers and other staff members sprang into action, attempting to subdue Polly. However, the parrot’s aggression was unprecedented. She scratched and pecked, evading capture with surprising agility. The teachers, though determined, were quickly overwhelmed, receiving scratches in their valiant efforts to protect their students.

The chaos escalated until the principal, Mr. Thompson, made the difficult decision to evacuate the cafeteria. The students left in an orderly rush, but the damage had been done. The once cheerful cafeteria was now a scene of disarray and fear.

After much effort, Polly was eventually captured by Mrs. Green, the school’s science teacher who had some experience with birds. However, the severity of the incident left the school with a tough decision. Polly’s sudden and inexplicable aggression posed a risk that couldn’t be ignored.

Regrettably, the decision was made to remove Polly from the school. It was a somber day when a local animal welfare organization came to take her to a facility better equipped to handle her needs. An investigation later suggested that Polly might have reacted to a new cleaning agent used near her cage, which could have triggered her aggressive behavior.

The incident left the school community in a state of reflection. The memory of Polly’s unexpected outburst served as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of animal behavior and the importance of creating a safe environment for both humans and animals.

Polly’s departure left a void in the school, and she was missed by many. However, the incident led to the implementation of new safety measures and protocols, ensuring that such an event would never occur again. The story of Polly’s frenzy in the cafeteria became a cautionary tale, underscoring the delicate balance that must be maintained when humans and animals coexist in shared spaces.

No flags. So you likely got hit with stupid voodoo moderations, where adding " kittens" to one input took it from 66% to 99% for me.