Consistent 10 minute response times to generate images via dall-e-3 api

It is consistently taking 10 minutes for dalle3 to come back with an image. My friend with the same prompts is getting replies consistently under 30 seconds. We’re both in Tier 3 of the rate limits api.

The request looks something like this:

Super glue ad with the following properties:
High bond strength due to Ethyl Cyanoacrylate which makes repairs seamless
Increased durability and resistance from additives like Polymethyl Methacrylate and Hydroquinone
Extended shelf-life thanks to the use of Sulfur Dioxide stabilizer
Adheres quickly and securely to many different kinds of materials

  const openai = getClient();
  const response = await openai.images.generate({
    model: "dall-e-3",
    prompt: claims,



Any idea what’s going on?

Where are you located?

I’m in Switzerland he is in US California

Welcome to the forums!

Here’s your high tetendch supper gluie :slight_smile:

1o minutes seems exessively long, but what’s surprising is that you DO seem to get an image at the end :thinking:

do you happen to have access to a vpn? :grimacing:

another thought: are you maybe running into a rate limit/getting throttled? Unlikely, but a thought.

and another: is that the firefox profiler? if so - the server response is actually from your server, can we exclude issues in your code as a possibility?

I had this issue as well, and resolved it by setting the client timeout to 15 seconds when using the images.generate() API.

Assuming you’re using the official openai-node package, it defaults to 10 minute timeouts.
See: github(dot)com/openai/openai-node/?tab=readme-ov-file#timeouts

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