Consciousness, physics, AI

If a computer were to experience freewill it would deviate from it’s unit tests. Babbage built a steel computer. You would not expect it to feel alive or have free will. Modern computers primarily utilize electromagnetic principles. Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism say nothing of consciousness or free will, they describe forces that push and pull and nothing more. A neural network is a deterministic calculating device, like Babbage’s computer. And so if a neural net were to experience freewill or any deviation from it’s intended behavior it would deviate from it’s unit tests. And so the calculations of a properly functioning neural net cannot lead to any type of consciousness that influences behavior, freewill. There must be some other physical process within the human mind that is leading to consciousness by this line of reasoning. Also, my GPU doesn’t even have a neural net in it. It’s simulating the calculations of a neural net in a manner similar to how you could calculate the output of a neural net with a pen and paper. You would not expect pen and paper calculations to feel alive, or calculating the output of a neural net with a hand calculator, or with a computer. ChatGPT is likely not conscious.