Codex Model Pricing

Currently evaluating different models for various uses at the company I work for. However, I noticed that on the pricing page, not all of the models are included.

Anyone know the per-1k-token cost for Codex? Given the name “code-davinci-002” I assume it is the same as “text-davinci-003” which is $0.02/1000 tokens, but it’s not explicitly stated anywhere.

Off-topic, but it would be nice if I could see an actual breakdown of my usage costs in the user panel. For example, it will show me the total usage and billing, but I would like to get a sense of my “per-transaction” cost depending on the model I’m using. So far, I’m just doing these calculations manually based on the prices on the Pricing page, but for reporting/analytical purposes it would be so much easier to have that information available.

codex is free while in beta