Clarification on "Playground messages can be viewed by anyone at your organization using the API."

When you are in the Playground, in the assistant mode, you can read at the bottom of the page this label: “Playground messages can be viewed by anyone at your organization using the API.”

I don’t have much experience with the API (python), and only with Playground and ChatGPT. My questions are:

  1. In a multi-person organization, can messages via the “Chat” interface (not “Assistant”) also be viewed by anyone?

  2. How is this linked (more precisely) to the API? If no one in our organization saves anything using APIs and scripts (threads, messages, etc.), is this information still saved and accessible to everyone?

I just want to be able to share the right information with my team regarding the confidentiality of their use of Playground.

Thanks for your time!

Conversations in the playground typically save to the computer and aren’t saved anywhere, excluding assistants

That message appeared around the same time thread listings were removed. So threads can be viewed by anyone in the organization (as they are saved and maintained by OpenAI) IF they have the id.

Threads = Stateful
Everything less = Stateless

Kind of. Your history is saved under your username:

So on the interface it’s safe. It could be found with a little effort though by someone using the same pc (maybe, oai may clear it on new acc)

If they have the thread id then they can read it. This is probably why we suddenly lost the ability to list available threads.


can you share a step by step guide on how you can view thread history on my PC. apart from being a security threat, i might find it useful. i miss being able to hit the history icon and scroll through old messages in playground

also, can i exploit that somehow to save my conversations somewhere locally? like if a python script could do that?