Children under 13 Restriction

Suppose you are using the API to process hundreds of thousands of e-mails from customers, call transcripts, or maybe you made a chatbot to integrate with your website. How would you deal with the Business Terms clause that says:

We own all right, title, and interest in and to the Services. You only receive rights to use the Services as explicitly granted in this Agreement. You will not, and will not permit End Users to:
(2) send us any personal information of children under 13 or the applicable age of digital consent or allow minors to use our Services without consent from their parent or guardian;

Even if the great majority of your e-mails and calls received are from adults, if a child sends an e-mail and provides their name, and that e-mail transcript is automatically sent to the API, are you breaking this rule? How would you deal with this situation?

This is a law in the US requires that companies cannot store data from children under 13 years old.

To sign up for an email account basically everywhere, you have to check a checkbox that says you are 13 or 18 and older, so I wouldn’t really worry too much about it. There is no way for you to know if they are 13 or not, so you should be fine.