🎧 Checkout Articu.lat: "Audible" for Webpages and PDFs

Hey friends! :wave:

I want to share something exciting that started as a small idea in my head and has now become a reality: Articu.lat.

I’ve always found listening more effective for learning than reading. :books::arrow_right::headphones: You can do it while driving :red_car:, cooking :fried_egg:, or pretending to work out :weight_lifting_man:. So, I thought, why not create something that turns any article or paper into a podcast?

With Articu.lat, you just drop in a link—whether it’s a dense academic paper :page_facing_up:, a Hacker News post :computer:, or any other article—and our AI transforms it into a podcast. It’s like having your own personal radio show, minus the cheesy ads! :studio_microphone:

Why give it a try? Imagine listening to your favorite topics while on the go, making the most of your time :alarm_clock:. Listening can make complex stuff easier to understand and remember. Plus, it’s way more fun :tada:. And here’s the cool part: our podcasts feature two hosts who discuss the topic by asking and answering questions :thinking::speech_balloon:. This format really helps guide you through the problem or issue, making it easier to follow along and grasp the key points. :brain:

And the best part? Articu.lat is free right now! Since we just launched, you can enjoy all the features without spending a dime :money_with_wings:.

I’ve put my heart into this project :heart:, and seeing people try it out and give feedback really motivates me to keep improving it. Your input helps me make Articu.lat better and more useful for everyone.

So, if you’re like me and prefer listening over squinting at tiny text, give Articu.lat a try. It might just be the best thing since sliced bread :bread:. Or at least since podcasts.

Check it out and let me know what you think! :+1: