Chatsonic is like chatGPT3 but connected to the internet. How?

I saw WriteSonic’s alternative to chatGPT (Chatsonic - Like ChatGPT but with superpowers) which I believe is also powered by GPT-3, but somehow they are able to connect it to real-time events and recent news. For example, I asked it to write an article about an event that happened last week and it was able to do it. Does anyone have any idea how this is working behind the scenes?

I can’t imagine they are training on new data constantly, but I also can’t figure out how they’re accomplishing this with a NLP model.

Could they just do a regular old web search, find some recent articles, and paste the article content as part of the prompt?

ChatSonic runs multiple abstraction layers that collects real-time information from multiple sources. It then passes the context, user prompt and history to GPT-3.5 model