🖥 ChatPC - Mac automation meets AI

It’s usually a few days but can be a week or more depending how busy the support staff are.

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ChatPC is pivoting to a standalone native mac chat experience and is no longer a plugin.

Instead, ChatPC will focus on delivering the best native AI chat experience for the mac. Some key functionality:

  • Global hot key to bring up AI chat anytime, in any app
  • No more copy and paste. Bring selected text and files into your prompt with ease
  • Inject the AI output to back into any application with a click of a button (or hot key)
  • One click prompts to avoid typing the same things over and over
  • Powered by GPT-4

And possible features down the line:

  • Chat against local knowledgebases
  • Chat against really long files
  • And more…

Check out the new getting started page.

The plugin functionality will still be supported for the time being, but will no longer be actively developed. You can turn on the legacy plugin settings in the settings window

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its a cute idea - but incomplete. When im done with my version ill share it with you.

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I don’t think you are allowed to commercialise your idea without the word “GPT” in it, if you’re using GPT. It’s a trademark law etc… And there are other requirements if I’m not mistaken.

Got a big update to share!

I’ve brought the plugin capabilities natively to ChatPC to leverage AI’s capabilities to make automation simpler, more intuitive, and more powerful.

ChatPC now allows you to use simple English to automate your Mac. It can manage files and interact with other Mac applications through Shortcuts and AppleScripts.

Check out this quick demo video

Safe by design - With ChatPC, you are in total control. By default, ChatPC cannot execute any actions on your Mac. You must explicitly give ChatPC access to the folders, Shortcuts, and AppleScripts that it can action on. In addition, you can configure which actions require your explicit approval before executing.

I’m currently looking for beta testers to try out the app and give me feedback. The app is free to use up to some token limit. If you hit the limit, DM me with your initial thoughts and the email address you signed up with – I’ll be giving free coupons to the first 100 beta testers!

To get started, check out the MacOS Getting Started Guide (MacOS 13.0 or higher required).

Thanks for the update. I’ve changed the category to Community and added a project tag. Thanks for updating us in one place, so it’s easy to stay up to date. Good luck on the app…

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With the launch of the GPT store, you can now use the ChatPC GPT! I’m so happy that OpenAI moved in this direction :tada: The ChatPC GPT has internet browsing, DALL-E image generation, and code interpreter capabilities turned on, so you can apply these capabilities to your local data (e.g. read a local CSV file and perform data analysis with code interpreter).