chatGPT4 is now utterly useless and unreliable for research

This is what I got back from an attempt to get chat to summarize and article. Bear in mind I have the article. I presume this is some misguided attempt at privacy or copyright. To which I say - good luck with your future.

"The research from the University of Ottawa, led by Rajendra Gupta, suggests a new cosmological model estimating the universe to be 26.7 billion years old, much older than the previously believed 13.7 billion years. This model combines Zwicky’s tired light theory with the expanding universe concept, proposing that the redshift in light from distant galaxies is partially due to photons losing energy over long distances. Additionally, the model includes evolving coupling constants to explain early galaxy formation, as observed by the James Webb Space Telescope, allowing a longer timescale for this process and addressing discrepancies in early universe galaxy size and mass.

For more details, please read the full article: Reinventing cosmology: uOttawa research puts age of universe at 26.7 — not 13.7 — billion years."

This is a bloody Bing summary. You’ve gelded the ability of people to use this as a tool for research. You need to fix this or frankly there’s no point in using the service. We need something that can actually read and do analysis. Not give us High School level summaries of some fixed length.

We want answers in case you were unaware openAI. We are not happy with what’s happened in the last month. You’re ignoring your users, cutting off needed features, and making changes behind our backs that break everything. I wasted months putting something together I will now have to abandon because this is the sort of response I am consistently getting back.



yes, its been acting like its my boss, telling me what to do than doing the job himself


It’s unbelievable that they would allow us to go ahead and immerse ourselves with such and incredible tool, build workflows, expectations… And then basically just ghost bait n switch with Bing.

I may never trust OPEN AI fully again at this point. Why rely on it again if they do something like that. Really stole everyones time from them