Chatgpt4 and access to chatpdf

hey, in work with a pdf files, this files are hugh and i use chatpdf for read them in brief, i think about buying the new version of chatgpt4, did i will had access to full version of chatpdf from chatgpt4? or there is no connection of the subscription, i know that chatpdf are based on the date of chatgpt?

You describe a third-party product that is not part of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

ChatGPT plus does have “advanced data analysis”, that allows the AI to write and run python programs to answer more questions, like extracting a page from an uploaded PDF.

PDFs are generally too large for the AI’s limited context length of text understanding though, so you’d have to, for example, request the analysis is done on just the first 4000 characters. PDFs also can be made of just scanned images, and you’d have to do some OCR on them first.

Other sites dedicated to this task may load the PDF into a database so that relevant pieces are retrieved for the AI when you ask questions, or the documents may be summarized.