Can GPT-4 Turbo Web Version Process PDF Files, and Does the API Version Support This as Well?

I would like to ask, “Does anyone know if the GPT-4 or GPT-4 Turbo web versions can process PDF files, and if the API version supports this as well?”
If it can,how to use?

Thanks for your help

Hi there!

When you refer to the web version, I assume you mean the ChatGPT interface?

ChatGPT supports PDF processing in general. You can just upload the file and then interact with the file’s content via prompts.

As for PDF processing via the API, there’s a few different scenarios. As for the basic API, you would need to do some pre-processing, meaning you would first need to programmatically extract the text from the PDF first and then include it as context into your prompt. Alternatively, you can also use the Assistant API which offers a few different options for PDF file upload and processing.