chatGPT3.5 or plus compose commands inquiries

Is there a easy listing of chatGPT compose commands easy to inquiry, view or read?
For example:

  1. compose a video with the following characters
  2. compose a song single with the following 10 ten words
  3. compose a blog with 10 ten tips on the following words
  4. compose and post blog for story to the following website
  5. compose and post blog with the uploaded document to my website
  6. compose and option to save to a file (without me having to highlight and save)
  7. compose a new image with image characteristics
  8. compose a bibliography based on specific characteristics
  9. compose a listing of 5 five advices on specific topics
  10. compose a dashboard based on statistics
  11. compose a graph based on county or location specifics
  12. compose a listing of phone numbers based on characteristics
  13. compose a listing of shopping items based on chaacteristics
  14. compose a background listing on specific biographics
  1. compose a video with the following characters