ChatGPT-"We're currently processing too many requests. Please try again later."

I am experiencing this issue for a long time when using ChatGPT, which each time happening. It seems because the capacity of server is overloaded, but I’m still wandering why this becomes some severe these days. Actually I never met this problem before latest.
I heard that some business in middle had been occupying source of the server, which provide APIs with the same usage of ChatGPT itself. They use robots to deliver users’ commands to the server and return answers to them.
So could anyone please tell me if this is exactly where the issue lies?

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Because the global interest in ChatGPT has grown exponentially in the past view months.

So, OpenAI is working diligently to upgrade their systems to handle the increase.

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Thanks so much for your kindness. I’m hoping a good future for OpenAI, so that I may use ChatGPT someday again.

can you use ChatGPT again now?

What cannot i use chatgpt???