ChatGPT - Voice Mode Screen go to Sleep


I have discovered a glitch on your ChatGPT app that I would like to report. When using voice mode, the phone will go to sleep if no touch activity is detected. This is a problem because the phone should always stay awake when voice talking with the AI.

I understand that this is a minor issue, but it can be quite frustrating when trying to have a conversation with the AI. I would appreciate it if you could look into this issue and fix it in a future update.

Phone : OnePlus 12 up to date
Chatgpt : 1.2024.151 up to date

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You sure is not mobile configuration? If you disable sleep mode probably mobile will not sleep. Well give a look on that

Yeah but I don’t want to disable completely sleep mod just for gpt app. The app itself should prevent sleep mode to be activated, similarly of what the YouTube app does or games.

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Fair point , depending on what mobile you have I think you may disable sleep mode for certain apps. I don’t see allot more options

Facing same issues. Did you find any solution?

It’s definitely a bug in the app. It wasn’t doing before, and the app has the permission Prevent phone from sleeping.

So it’s not telling the phone OS to not sleep.

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I’m facing the same issue. And I don’t remember it happened before.

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So it looks like they introduced a new option in Settings under Voice called “Background Conversations”. You need to toggle this on to retain the previous behavior of staying on when phone sleeps.

Yes I got this feature but it simply putting it as an optional toggled feature as rather on by default. It still doesn’t stop the screen to go off.

Same here!! Screen keeps going off…