ChatGPT Team is extremely - and I mean EXTREMELY - slow compared to personal account

I just recently upgraded to ChatGPT Team, and it’s extremely slow.
It responds at a rate of much less than a word per second.
If I compare a new chat where I type “Hi Assistant!” with ChatGPT v4 in Team and in my personal account, the chat in my personal account responds five times faster.

Here is a side-by-side comparison, left is my Team account, right is my second personal account:
Both on the very same computer, very same browser. At the same time.
This behvaiour is identical across all of my accounts (I have two personal accounts and one Team account).

I purchased Team because I was promised better performance, not worse.
Is this expected? In that case I rather go back to a personal account.

Please respond.

Update 2024-01-17: Performance went back to what I expect yesterday, and stayed at an acceptable level. Thanks!


Thanks for your update and using the tag chatgpt-team. As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

Could you provide a reference for this promise?

On the pricing page it mentions:

  • Higher message caps on GPT-4 and tools like DALL·E, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and more

and under Compare features across plans notes for Response Time that ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team are both Fast with ChatGPT Enterprise being the Fastest

I couldn’t find any mention of improved performance in the pricing information for ChatGPT Team having better performance than ChatGPT Plus.

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according to the /pricing page, the performance should be at least as good as ChatGPT Plus: “Everything in Plus, and:”

Since it’s 50% more expensive and promises higher overall performance (“Higher message caps on GPT-4”), I assume it’s faster, not 5x slower.

Also, the product page uses the verb “supercharge” for ChatGPT Team. That can also be read as ‘faster’.

At the moment I almost can’t use it at all, for ten hours it keeps saying that ChatGPT is subject to “heavy load”.

While ChatGPT Plus has no problems at the same time.

I think this has to change as soon as possible, the 50% more expensive version has to get more priority, that’s the only reason I made the supposed “upgrade” that isn’t an upgrade.

Please escalate this, I have already created a ticket for this, but have not yet received any feedback.

Thank you very much!


FYI for others reading this topic.

The statement with the word “supercharge” from the pricing page is:

For fast-moving teams looking to supercharge collaboration.

Experienced the same slow performance on teams while my personal account with GPT4 was significantly faster. I also noticed that on my Teams account the prompts led to failed responses multiple times (requiring 2-3 attempts) while the same prompt is effectively answered on my personal account.
I prepaid the annual subscription and I hope this is just a temporary issue as the Team account is not useful with this performance.

Please advise

Thank you



I upgraded over the weekend and have noticed exactly the same experience.

Also for me, for the first few hours it was refusing to do any web browsing, almost as if it was provisioned as an older version and then upgraded or something (but that’s speculation on my behalf). Web browsing works now but it takes like 5-10 seconds before it even responds (to any input), and I have noticed considerably more timeouts than personal account.

I was just using Team account as a way to pay for someone else to get access, but after this experience I am considering going back to personal.


Our team has experienced the same problem, profoundly slower and more errors than our personal accounts.


Indeed, it’s very slow. As well as unable to open large files like my Plus account. I figure it’s a matter of getting more Teams users than anticipated; at least it better be. I figure they’ll work it out. My Plus account was a little finicky at first.

I have noticed this morning that my Team account seems to be considerably faster, starting a response in just a little over a second now, as opposed to 10~ seconds before. I will keep my eye on it, but hopefully that’s a good sign!

I have the same troubles,

under Compare features across plans notes for Response Time that ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team are both Fast with ChatGPT Enterprise being the Fastest

but it is very slow, slower than Plus. Please, take upgrade to a Team account and understand how the User Experience is degraded.

I need ChatGPT Team, because I need to manage all the accounts in my small business.

But seriously that it’s a mess compared with ChatGPT Plus, and not only velocity, I have the feeling that the answers are poor, with more hallucinations than Plus.

Please, review it with the technical departments instead of the legal departments to check if you promise better performance. Doesn’t matter if you promise it or not, you must offer a better product for more money, or at least not worst.

EDIT: seems that today is working well, thank you very much for the fix.

Yes I noticed that too, the performance got much better during the past two-three days. But some things are not working yet.
For example the website with Team account doesn’t remember my previously used GPTs, the ‘history’ of the recently used GPTs is empty every day (at the very top left).

I agree. Ever since I migrated my associate’s accounts from the ChatGPT personnel to the teams, we have all faced issues with slow/incomplete replies and network errors. Also, ChatGPT Teams struggle to read spreadsheets (and even longer texts). It has been a very frustrating experience.

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Considering migrating to Teams, but will wait until issue is resolved. Can someone confirm if Teams is actually faster as advertised for premium pricing and that it ineed has higher caps on usage?

Chat GPT teams is so much slower and much more glitchy than my personal plus account.

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Experiencing terrible downfall in performance with the Team version, ultra laggy, slow, inconsistencies, failing to remember instructions given previously (same session, same conversation).

Please do something it’s becoming simply unusable.

Yes, same here–seem like a previous version of chatGPT like 2.8 to imagine

Hello, same here
but i’m the only one in the team experiencing such discomfort, is it fixed for you guys?

I’ll wait upgrading to Teams until this is resolved.

I am thinking about switching from personal to team. Are the reported issues still relevant?

Same issue here. The performance of Teams is horrendous! I’m downgrading right away