ChatGPT really dumb, repeating question ask, missing context in answers, not thinking of answer just repeating what is supplied

ChatGPT really dumb, repeating question ask, missing context in answers, not thinking of answer just repeating what is supplied.

You have a quota of questions and the new chat gpt seems to waste every question now by regurgitating what is asked like a politician without answering the questions.

If you supply an image and ask for settings it will regurgitate what it analyses and gives the same settings back. No real thinking or analysis done.

It now doesn’t make a full answer, it spends more time give a summary of what you asked before it gets to the point, by then it times out.

When chatGPT has a server issue it says you have unusual activities on your computer, which is just nonsense

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You are right to bring this up, until recently, I was using ChatGPT regularly to do light hosting tasks and it was adequate - though unfortunately, that has all come to end, in-that the bot has proven to be completely useless with the very same tasks it once did, which is now reduced to my trying to force the corner the &**&^#$@(&^% bot into doing what I ask…

  • needless to say, I have much better things to do, than talking in circles with a stupid bot

I also have this issue. I have noticed that throughout my time using ChatGPT (since February of last year) the 3.5 model had the same issues after various updates. Then when 4 was released, I had the greatest success getting Chat GPT to do what I needed, acting intuitively and remembering context with the March release version. And this has only gone down (in my experience) as time has gone on, even with custom instructions and GPTs.

That said I have been told that it is my own shortcoming in prompt engineering, which is surprising to me since I have been working with ChatGPT for a little over a year now and have tried MANY ways to get GPT4 to improve its’ performance.

I have found some luck asking for help here: https:// discord. gg/learnaitogether

But I hope to find help on these forums as well.

If I learn anything new I will be sure to update here.

It’s getting noticably worse literally every time I use it.

I can’t justify paying for this when Open Source models do a better job.

This quota is bullshit and it’s new dumber behavior makes this less effective than just using a search engine.

Cancelling ASAP.


Same here. What open source models do you recommend?

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Same here, wish I could have back older models of GPT 4 that were smarter. If anyone has any suggestions, I am curious as well.

What open source models would you recommend trying?