ChatGPT prompts with Plus Plan: "You've reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later."

This error occurred during a chat with ChatGPT, what is going on?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, my colleague sitting next to me used the free version and still used it normally and he even used it more than me. While I’m subscribed to PLUS and I usually only use GPT 3.5. So you pay for less usage and are limited… It doesn’t seem to be because of the IP because I use it on my phone and computer, I’ve logged out and logged back in and it still has the same problem…

This might be a reason for me to consider looking for another AI tool or switching back to the free version of ChatGPT (I actually don’t use GPT4 as much as I thought I would, I’m always hesitant about unsubscribing from it and this is probably 1 reason). My coworker still uses it normally with free version 3.5 and he seems to try to use it more like he’s chatting with his lover to tease me. I hate feeling like I’m an idiot and have to pay for it…

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Same here - I have never experienced this before - yesterday (31 Aug) there were quite a few times when the server got overloaded and today this . . . I am also on Plus, limits are supposed to be 50 messges per three hours (which I have DEFINITELY not reached at 6AM in the morning)

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Unfortunately, I cant just type “ditto” but needless to say, happened to me too. First time.
Probably that corpo launch.
giving companies the good 32k model.