ChatGPT product recommendations

Can we make use of ChatGPT for product recommendations in banking applications ?

Hi Chiru,

We have a working system prototype that allows you to attach metadata (text, links, video, images) to specific chat responses.

When the selected rule is triggered, it offers users a link or video they can consume within the chat. (Videos and images have to be hosted elsewhere)

We can do this because we have discovered a very reliable way to tag rules, so we know when they are being used. The tags are removed before the user sees them. We have also closed the knowledge domain - so there is zero chance that a competitors product can be offered, and GPT won’t hallucinate either.

Send me a private message if you would like to talk about your particular use case to see if it would work. (We are primarily designing it for E-Commerce - but it should also work for services and products - banking is a niche we would be interested in persuing)

Thank you for your response. I have a use case: What if I want to use ChatGPT and add banking functionality? Specifically, what if I want to recommend products (various types of credit cards) to customers while they are chatting based on previous interactions/chat? Is that possible?