ChatGPT PLUS still have the limit of 1 hour reques

I have subscribe the service ChatGPT PLUS. Why do I need to wait for the “too many request in 1 hour”? Why did I pay for the PLUS?


Is that true? Do you really get the same stupid error even with PLUS subscription?

I was considering buying a subscription just to get rid of that. Now I have second thoughts…


Me too. I am getting same error with ChatGPT PLUS. What good is paying when there is no difference?

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yep i got that today. I have asked it about 5 questions over the whole day that had short answers and now have “Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later.”. Tried logging in and out, new browser etc, and still same.

This might be a bug.

Has anyone tried reaching out to OpenAI’s support team to see if this is intended behavior?

You should wait until these offerings are more mature, to be honest, if you are frustrated.

When a “not very large” tech company undergoing exponential growth with over 100 million new users in around 30 days releases a major new feature, you are taking a big risk that it will work perfectly and there will always be bugs to fix and infrastructure to scale up.

Better, in my view, is to work with the more mature facets of the technology and wait a bit longer if you are easily frustrated with things break and code is buggy.

For example, Apple has a large community of “beta testers” who accept bugs “as normal for beta testers” and these “beta users” report back to Apple when things break. This process can take months before a new software feature is releases to the general public.

OpenAI is a lot smaller and less mature than Apple, so it takes time for OpenAI to catch up with the OpenAI exponential growth lately (caused by the unprecedented ChatGPT media hype).

It does not matter if it’s not a “mature offering”. They promised what they promised, we paid, and if they ignore these bug reports then they are literally scamming us out of our money. At no point does it matter how old their subscription offerings are.

I would like to remind you that Microsoft invested $1Billion in 2019, another $1Billion in 2021 and now $10Billion into OpenAI. They are anything but “small” anymore. And by your metrics, EVERY tech company that exists is a lot smaller than Apple.
Apple’s market cap is $2,3TRILLION.

And honestly, not offering more requests when you pay $20 a month really does suck.

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Then you should probably cancel your subscription and contact your credit card company and submit for a refund. That’s easy to do.

As you mentioned, so I should probably “remind you”:

This communtity is a developer community for developers who use the OpenAI API in development and it is not the OpenAI support center for ChatGPT customer support or complaints.

Here is the official site and channel for ChatGPT, Plus and Pro help:


This is the developer community, and we cannot help you with ChatGPT customer service issues:

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 11.55.29 AM

I think this is now fixed, today I was able to generate pages of text usint complex inputs, and I did it in only 30mins

how long do i have to wait before i can start chatGPT. I got error too many requests even though i payed 20 bucks…

It is not fixed i have same problem with ChatGPT plus

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I waited an hour and it still wont accept !
I thing maybe we should move to google . Then Open AI will hurry to fix it

I was under the impression that it was going to be gone. If this doesn’t go away, I’ll be cancelling the subscription.

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The same happens to me. I tough that If I pay for the PLUS subscription I will not have an one hour limit. But I still do have one hour limit. Sad.

I am also experiencing this error with a paid account. sucks! I planned my night to work with the chat and now this! I hate when companies waste my time and plans.

it really suck to waste 40 plane like that with one hour limit

The described issue is still occurring.
Is this correct functionality?

OpenAI is not a tiny insignificant Company. They have huge financial resources and support from major Corporations such as Microsoft.