ChatGPT Plus not allowing access

I don’t know if anyone can help me.
My OpenAI login is my Google login.
If I try to log into Open AI with username password, it forces me to use Google login.
After whole day when I try to access ChatGPT plus after work, it doesn’t allow me access but tells me global quota exceeded, though I didn’t use it throughout day.
I clear browser data and cache.
Reboot computer.
Same result.
OpenAI will take my money, but won’t allow me access.
Don’t know what’s happening.
Sorry for the rant.
This is totally unexpected.

I’m getting the same issue. It logged me out, tells me ‘ChatGPT is at capacity now’ but gives me the ‘Send link’ option for ChatGPT Plus. I use that. It sends a link to my email address. I click it, try to log in. It kicks me back to ‘ChatGPT is at capacity now’.

This needs to be fixed, please.

And as soon as I post this, I was able to get back in… Interesting.

Same with me.
I could log in.
But when I try to translate from English to Bengali, it will do just one paragraph of two paragraphs and then stops mid way.
Don’t know what is happening.