ChatGPT Plugins: No OpenAPI, no problem!

Hey everyone! :wave:

I know Plugins just opened, and are still behind a waitlist, but I’m sure some of you are already thinking of what plugins they could create. That said you may not have an OpenAPI for your service so I wanted to share a list of resources to help you get to that API definition. Here are 3 options:

  1. Create an OpenAPI definition from scratch
    This option will mostly be useful if you do not have an API yet, in that case you may consider defining and designing your OpenAPI from scratch using tools like Postman (disclaimer: I work at Postman) or Stoplight.
    Note: If you do not have any knowledge about OpenAPI you may need to do a bit of reading before getting started!

  2. Generate an OpenAPI definition from code
    There are many tools out there that allow to generate an API definition from existing code, you’ll find a long list of them on, here’s a few examples

    • tsoa: Build OpenAPI-compliant REST APIs using TypeScript and Node
    • aio-openapi: Generate OpenAPI definitions for Python
  3. Generate an OpenAPI definition from a Postman collection
    You may be familiar with Postman if you’ve used it to test your (or someone else’s) API, and you may even already have a collection that describes your API. In that case you’re in luck because there are libraries that allow you to generate an OpenAPI definition directly from a collection! Here are two:

This is not a exhaustive list, and there are likely other ways to generate an OpenAPI definition but hopefully this will help some of you!