ChatGPT not trained on it's own API Documentation

One of the things I have never understood since copenai release the API’s and documentation is that not one model is up to date on the dcumentation. Even now with 4o it still doesn’t know 4o exists or the changes made to documentation a month or 2 ago… if nothing else update chatgpt with your own documentation.

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It’s insanely restricted. I just do not understand what OpenAI is doing at this point.

THIS! I’ve always wondered why.

It’s not even about it being updated, ChatGPT is just plain wrong when it comes to the OpenAI documentation.

It hallucinates for even basic things!

Lol, true… I just started trying to use an assistant I created and I went back and forth with chatgpt 4o about how it should work until i just gave up and decided to write it out myself.

They are turning back the computing power. This happens every time. They release something good. Huge media attention. New subscribers. Then they slowly turn back the dials to save costs and make even more money. I’ve seen this happen multiple times now… I had bought a full year. But it seems I wasted my money.

The API documentation updates so much that it wouldn’t be anywhere useful to train on it.

You can use web browsing if you’d like though. Or just copy + paste the content.

After you figure this out, maybe you can solve the issues with human gestation and babies being born not knowing their own name.

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