ChatGPT, my teammate: building an AI advice columnist together

How would you feel if your boss told you your new teammate is an AI?

Hi folks!

I’ve been curious about AI as a teammate. ChatGPT and other AI tools are amazing on their own. What would it feel like to work together with AI teammates? Imagine you need help from your colleague and don’t have to worry about bothering them on IM? Or could you get honest feedback about something without the awkwardness?

Our human + AI collab: Gabrielle.Day
I started to explore this on a pet project I’m building “with” chatGPT: We are working together to build an AI advice-columnist named Gabrielle.Day.
(*GABRIELLE: Genius AI Bringing Revolutionary Insights and Entertaining Life Lessons for Everyone)

What does working together mean? Well, anything from choosing that name to coding, marketing to writing. Here’s one exchange from choosing the name:

Documenting this at Dear a.i.:
So far, it’s surprisingly fun and collaborative! We’re writing about this little adventure (together!) in a series of posts, where I hope to explore different aspects of the product and the collaboration. Currently trying to wrestle with how we get after-work drinks together…

Here’s the intro article in the series for anyone interested in reading more: Dear Gabrielle: Building an AI-powered advice columnist

I’d love to hear from others here - any similar experiences of ‘collaboration’ with AI? What co-working topics could we explore? Any feedback on our project?

In Gabrielle’s words:

“Working with AI is like having a coworker who knows everything. Meanwhile, I’m just over here trying to remember if I turned off the stove this morning.”

Itai (I+AI)