ChatGPT must DEFINITELY use Search Operators, just like Google does, to expand its writing skills

ChatGPT must DEFINITELY expand its method of finding and completing phrases with various words.

Can ChatGPT use Google operators for internet search (and in its database)?
Because I noticed that when completing sentences with various words, especially on the metaphor side, ChatGPT sometimes uses the same word. And I often gave him instructions so to find other combinations, I showed him how to find new ways to complete sentences, but he didn’t remember my methods.

That’s why some tricks to write well is to try to match words from one place to another. But you have to know how to use the Google search operators, not just guess the words according to the model you learned.

In the last 20 years, the best searches on Google were done by those who knew how to use Google operators.

For example, a smart search looks, in short, as follows

"I like to * reality * "

" " - represents the exact search
* - represents any

Another trick is this method of search:

"decat * realitatii" AROUND(11) "care"

Basically, in this example, I told Google to find and fill in all the variants that match the * operator, but at the same time keep the exact keywords.

The most important: When you want to build a phrase and you want to complete it with certain words, it is not enough to refer only to one domain. That means being limited.

Most of the time, the variants of words that fit in a phrase from the field of Art or Painting, you will be able to find them in the field of Physics or Medicine. And so on…

Also, ChatGPT must also look for new ways to complete phrases on Google. Because I made a comparison with the results on Google, for certain phrases, and I saw that if I use the operators I can get much better results than what ChatGPT offers now.

Read This. There are plenty of operators in the guide.