ChatGPT memory replaced with numbers

I was in a chat and right after GPT updated its memory, I open the memory management and now looks like this:

Every list of memory information seems to be replaced with those numbers and now it doesn’t remember anything. Has anyone seen this before?

It seems that this happens occasionally when using GPT-4o with ChatGPT. The memory content itself appears to be updated after being sent to OpenAI’s servers.

I assume you might be using ChatGPT in a language other than English?

I have seen the memory content get corrupted multiple times when GPT-4o tries to store memory in a language other than English.

Hmm make sense. Any chance I get that content back?

Although the chances are extremely low, if you ask OpenAI support, they might be able to access the memory contents.

Instead, I recommend asking ChatGPT to output its memory contents by saying ‘Show me everything you remember’ to take a backup.

At least, the conversation history will remain.