ChatGPT macOS app has no cursor in the input field

Hi, there’s no cursor in my macOS app’s input field, which makes it difficult to locate, select text, and make modifications. Can you fix that, please? Thanks!


Same here. My machine is M3Pro. The issue seems persisting for a period of time. The update of the system also did not resolve it.

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Hi, my machine is M3 Max… I asked friends with M1, seems that they do not have this problem

I have an M2 MacBook Air and I have this issue off and on. Typically, quitting and reopening the app fixes the issues for me.

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Having this same problem, reopening does not help, have never seen the cursor

Yes, M3max here and I don’t see a cursor.


Hi, what is your machine?

On M3 Max, this is persistent now. I always see this issue. A restart didn’t help.

But when I installed the app, initially, I didn’t have it. So it appeared after some time.

Been happening on my M1 Pro since installing the app. MacOS 14.5