ChatGPT login Access denied (Iran Ip Address)

Hi guys my name is mohsen and I’m from Iran, I’ve been using chat gpt for a while and I should say it’s a fantastic tool to use for almost anything, recently I’ve faced a problem, anytime I’m trying to log in to chat gpt using any Iranian ip address it shows a message access denied no matter what service provider I use, I need help in this.


Hi @mohsen.naragh

According to OpenAI, Iran is not currently supported and as this is a community for developers, there is really nothing we can do to help you and we cannot advise on how to use VPNs or proxy services to get around geoip restrictions and issues, etc. :wink:

Hello, ruby_coder I understand your comment, and thank you for replying back to my thread. I hope that Iranians could also be included in the future to be able to use ChatGPT.


I’m Iranian also i can help with access, just send me a message on this discord server

Hello, ok, thank you. I am also signed up for the new Bing which uses Chatgpt, they accepted me yesterday, i am so happy, been trying chat Gpt via bing now, It answered all the developer’s coding questions that I’ve had.

Did you try a VPN to see if it works? Plenty of free solutions, easy to use directly into the browser

Hi Marius, yes I did it but there is a problem with VPN, the government blocks all VPNs and online ports, social media, Google store, Chrome store, and anything that may probably lead to the free world. Even if I try to use a handmade VPN after a few days or months the server is found and quickly blocked.

Yea fr man, i even tried two different servers and they blocked them all…

I just asked ChatGPT. No embargo on Iran. So it’s your government. Or it could be your ISP is using a throttling servic which Open AI firewall detect as DDoS.


You cannot believe anything ChatGPT says. ChatGPT’s current data model is from mid 2021 long before OpenAI had a commercial service or access policies for ChatGPT.


Hello everyone, oh but when I asked new bing about this look what it says:

and what is interesting is when Bing says according to a post on Openai’s community forum then it refers to 1 it opens this link when I click on it: ChatGPT login Access denied (Iran Ip Address)

I’m from Iran too , and never had a chance , here I find a way to use it from an API, you need an APIKEY ,( I use it in Python script ) and for that they want your phone , if you have anybody to make you an APIKEY you can use it ( for that you need a phone to verify ( Iran and Russia are banned ).
let me know if you have any success (
link for api key : OpenAI API

when I request an APIKEY to use it from python ,they stated that “OpenAI’s services are not available in your country.”

Hello, @hamid.eddie I am currently using the new bing chat, which is powered by chat gpt 4, I paste my codes and it Debugs them, the good thing is it works with Iran IP addresses as well for now but I hope, open ai change its decision and remove us from the access denied list.

A question popped up in my mind. As an Iranian citizen, why shouldn’t I be allowed to use Chatgpt or any other online services?
Why should the embargo / sanction affect me, who just has a normal living?
Why not place this sanction on the government leaders instead of the normal citizens who use these services as an assistance in their daily activities?

OpenAI should lift these sanctions.
Nobody cares about OpenAI placing sanctions on normal Iranian citizens but the citizen themselves. It hurts to see other users suggest using VPN software or telling us that it’s just our ISP blocking the connection.

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Hi l’m Iranian too can u help me about this problem too?

دوست عزیز میتونی از سایت چارصدوسهدات انلاین استفاده کنی

Hi @mjarefico Yes i saw that, thank you so much, currently i’m using new bing which is also powered by chatgpt 4 if i had any issue regarding my code. but thank you anyway my friend for the reply.

I am an iranian user and this response made me unhappy because of the emoji at the end.

The emoji is a “wink”, because that forum user was actually telling you the exact methods that could get around prohibitions while saying he couldn’t tell you.

Current US law makes it hard to do business directly with Iranian individuals, because of a large number of people and groups that are under sanctions and are not to be transacted with.