ChatGPT keeps a Bot score on you!

ChatGPT keeps a bot score on you. Revising my logs and score 89 is not the lowest. I got logs with score 99.

“metadata”: {

"is_paid_current_user": true,
"cf_headers": {
    "cf-ipcity": "<REDACTED>",
    "cf-ipcountry": "US",
    "cf-ipcontinent": "NA",
    "oai-asnum": "<REDACTED>",
    "oai-subdivision-1-iso-code": "<REDACTED>",
    "cf-visitor": "{\"scheme\":\"https\"}",
    "cf-verified-bot": "false",
    "cf-threat-score": null,
    "cf-bot-score": "89"


OpenAI, what’s this about and should I worry? I am not doing anything special or bot-like at all!

It sounds like thats a CloudFlare metric, rather than OpenAI. So actually it’d mean traffic from OpenAI looks 89% like a bot?
Which… well yeah, considering :sweat_smile:

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Whatever it is, I recently was prompted to solve a CAPTCHA mid chat!!! First time ever.

Thats wild, maybe a sign big things are happening behind the scenes o_o

So the score is not bad actually, CF uses reverse scoring.

Bot scores

A bot score is a score from 1 to 99 that indicates how likely that request came from a bot.

For example, a score of 1 means Cloudflare is quite certain the request was automated, while a score of 99 means Cloudflare is quite certain the request came from a human.